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Kim So Hyun Shared Her Dissatisfaction With The Viewers Rating Of Radio Romance


Kim Sohyun shared his dismay on the viewership rating of her drama ‘Radio Romance.’


Kim Sohyun shared her thoughts regarding the ratings of her recent drama. Radio Romance created positive impact in the international viewers but didn’t get the same respond in South Korea.


The actress said,  “If I worked the drama all by myself, I would not care much about the viewership ratings. However, there was production team who has worked so hard behind the scenes. The shooting process was very tough and I believe that the production team was very tired of it. It would be great if their hard work can be paid by great viewership ratings. Honestly, it’s disappointing.”


She added, “However, the staff did not show their disappointment, so the atmosphere in the filming set was all okay. Until the end of the shooting, the atmosphere was so good. The viewership ratings were low but I got so many things from the drama.


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