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Lee Jong Suk New Agency May Show Other Sides Of The Actor Besides Acting

Lee Jong Suk already signed up with another agency, YNK Entertainment, with more exciting projects for the actor.


After his contract ended in YG Entertainment, Actor Lee Jong Suk decided to work with another agency. YNK Entertainment is the new home of of one of the top actor in Korea. It was revealed that a special project is created for him and they call it ‘A-man’ which will handle the activities of the actor inside and outside the country


The actor has now joined YNK Entertainment and starting from the very beginning, it seems like the agency will work hard for him. It was revealed that special project ‘A-man’ has been established for Lee Jongsuk. ‘A-man’ will be in charge of Lee Jongsuk various activities both inside and outside South Korea.


Kim MinSU, CEO of YNK Entertainment said, “Lee Jongsuk has been in his best position but there are no boundaries for him to show even better sides of him. We will work hard so that he will not be stuck in his current place but to always make him improves. We will make new visions together with Lee Jongsuk.”


This means that the actor may not only focus on his acting career but to more opportunities and skills as well!




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