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Park Shi Hoo offered KBS horror romance drama


The drama in question is a KBS “horror romance” titled Lovely Horribly, and Park Shi-hoo (My Golden Life) has been offered the lead role, although no decisions have been made; he is said to be considering the role as one among several possibilities.

Lovely Horribly is described, in its broadest strokes, as a story about a man and a woman caught between chance and fate, and between horror and melo. The story features a drama writer with a touch of supernatural ability, in that things that are written in a script strangely come to pass in real life. The script’s main character is a top star, and the role Park Shi-hoo has been offered is of a top star named Yoo Philip. It’s not clear whether his character exists in the real world or whether he’s entirely fictional, but as W–Two Worlds showed us, a dimension gap never got in the way of true romance, did it?

The top star character harbors trauma from an incident eight years prior, when he was kidnapped by a stalker and nearly died. As a result, he struggles with fear on a daily basis, jumping at the slightest sounds and afraid of a whole host of things — fire, blood, heights, ghosts, and people. He finds it difficult to be in dark underground parking garages or to walk alone in empty corridors. Well, I do like idea of Park Shi-hoo playing wimpy over him showing off his bravado; he did well with being constantly surprised and shocked in his last drama, the weekend hit My Golden Life, which marked a hugely successful comeback for him. I have to admit I was pretty wary of watching him in a rom-com role again, but found him and Shin Hye-sun quite watchable in that drama (well, when the plot wasn’t being frustrating), so I’ll be looking to see who gets cast opposite him here.

Lovely Horribly is looking at an August premiere on KBS.

Via IS PlusTV Daily

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