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Yang Se-jong, Shin Hye-sun offered new drama Thirty But Seventeen

Yes, please. More Yang Se-jong (Temperature of Love) is always happy news as far as I’m concerned, and I’m even more excited at the possibility that he might be paired up with Shin Hye-sun (My Golden Life) for a new drama. They’re both considering offers to headline the new project from writer Jo Sung-hee of She Was Pretty for SBS, called Thirty But Seventeen.

There’s no plot information available about the series, so it’s anyone’s guess what it’ll be about, but the title makes me think there could be a body swap or time travel element involved. The funny thing is, based on the casting alone, I couldn’t tell you if this was aiming for a Big situation with a kid in an adult’s body, or a 17 Again situation with an adult in a kid’s body, or just a slice-of-life drama about adults who refuse to grow up (it’s overrated, you know). She Was Pretty had its share of flaws, but it was a lovable romantic comedy with great chemistry between the leads, so I’m hoping for something in the same vein.

Both Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun are great actors and rising twentysomething stars with recent breakout performances under their belts. Shin Hye-sun just came off of a leading role in the hit weekend drama My Golden Life, which pulled in 45% ratings, after a string of successful supporting roles in Forest of Secrets, Legend of the Blue Sea, and She Was Pretty, just to name a few. Yang Se-jong’s debut was far more recent, but he had a killer year with supporting roles in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim and Saimdang Light’s Diary, followed by two leading roles in Duel and Temperature of Love. I can already picture the romance between them, which is a good sign.

Thirty But Seventeen will be produced by Bon Factory, the production house behind She Was Pretty, Live Up to Your Name, and Master’s Sun. It’s being considered for SBS’s Monday-Tuesday slot following Greasy Melo in July.

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